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Guayusa is the traditional drink of Ecuador‘s indigenous people, the Quechua. The dried leaves of the Guayusa tree, which grows in the Amazon jungle, are freshly brewed every day for tea. The stimulating, beneficial and sharpening infusion has become the national drink and indispensable for the Ecuadorians. In their millennia-old tradition the Quechua see Guayusa as their sacred tree, a gift from the gods to their ancestors. The Quechua reassure: "Guayusa gives mental strength".

The Guayusa Company has set itself the goal of sharing this special drink with the world in its best form. Our partner in Ecuador, South American Organics, has developed a process for treating the Guayusa tea in a 100 % natural way so that its properties, taste, color and purity are retained. This way we guarantee our premium quality. We support the Ecuadorian smallholder families and our producer personally monitors and selects every harvest on site. It is always ensured that the trees are cultivated exclusively on new land and that they do not grow in industrialized monocultures. Our Guayusa tea is a special experience all round.



The effect of Guayusa is noticeable as an increased feeling of energy. Caffeine, L-theanine as well as minerals, calcium and potasium make the perfect combination.


The L-theanine amino acid in Guayusa tea sensures a relaxation state. Despite the high caffeine content, this infusion calms the body and mind. The Quechuas describe sleeping after Guayusa consumption as “lucid dreaming”.

Guayusa Tasse mit Blätter


Guayusa is an effective learning companion to not only be awake, but also focused, receptive and relaxed. Guayusa stimulates creative thinking!

Just enjoy

Our tea experts confirm it. Our Guayusa tea has the best taste. It contains no bitter substances, is slightly sweet, tastes velvety-earthy and slightly citrusy. The tea is a great thirst quencher and can be enjoyed ice cold in the summer.

Active components

1 Caffeine

The Guayusa leaves contain between 1.9% and 3.28% caffeine. This corresponds to the caffeine level in coffee and many times more than in green tea, black tea or mate.

2 Amino acids

Guayusa contains a total of 17 amino acids scientifically proven, which are essential for the body. For example Phenylalalin, which stimulates the dopamine and norepinephrine production.

3 L-theanine

The amino acid L-theanine in Guayusa balances the aggressive caffeine and generates a continuously increasing energy. It ensures a relaxed state due to the increased excitation of alpha waves in the brain. Guayusa is known for calming body and mind and sharpening alertness and focus.

4 Antioxidants

A Spanish study determined an ORAC value of over 127,000 μmol TE / 100g in Guayusa, which corresponds to twice as much as the amount contained in green tea. Guayusa can strengthen the immune system through these antioxidants.

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5 Theobromine

Theobromine works similarly to caffeine, but more gently. This active ingredient does not act as sudden as caffeine. The effect is slower and milder.

6 Theophylline

The ingredient theophylline is a methylxanthine from the group of anti-asthmatics. It is known for its action against bronchial asthma and has other positive properties on the cardiovascular system.

7 Vitamins

The contained vitamins and the minerals potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and chromium have a basic effect on the body.

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In our blog you will find more information about Guayusa’s properties and their effects. We're working on it!

How to prepare GUAYUSA tea?

1-2 Teelöfel

1-2 Teelöfel

1-2 teaspoons for a 200 ml teapot


80 - 90 °C hot water

1-2 Teelöfel

1-2 Teelöfel

Ziehen lassen

Let infuse for 5 to 7 minutes

Tee genießen

Sit back and enjoy

1-2 Teelöfel

Ice Tea Guayusa

Enjoy ice cold in the summer!

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